Seattle-Area Artists

Currently, artists in the Seattle area can sign up to volunteer through our partnerships with two street youth drop-in centers.

Thursday Evening Jams at New Horizons, and weekly Jams at YouthCare's Orion Center:

Volunteer musicians jam with street youth on original songs, Beyoncé, Nirvana, etc. Teach an informal piano or guitar lesson. Listen to songs the youth have written and provide feedback. The stories that have come out of these jam sessions are incredibly powerful, at times heart-breaking, and underscore the power of music to make connections, foster relationship and build identity.

For testimonials on our local programs with street youth, click here.

Other opportunities may exist for spoken word, visual, theater and dance artists. Please send an email to info@artsaftercare.org indicating your interest in volunteering with our Seattle Program.


Do you have any professional skills, connections, resources or ideas you think we’d be able to use? We would love to talk to you if you are a:

Marketing Specialist
Book-keeper / Accountant
Graphic Designer
Grant Writer
Event Planner
Fundraising Expert

As a rapidly growing non-profit organization, it’s very likely we’d be able to use whatever you’ve got. Please send an email to info@artsaftercare.org to get involved.

Get your church community involved!

Be the catalyst for your church's involvement in the fight against human trafficking.

Volunteers in church communities will get to know aftercare staff and the trafficking victims they serve in deeply meaningful ways through our Church Partners Program.

Head over to our Resources page to learn how you can get the process started for your church community!

A Quick Check-List for Volunteers

Take a moment to do a self-check on your heart and availability.


+ Why do I want to get involved?

+ Do I really care about this issue?

+ Can I work with others in a cooperative way?

+ Am I willing to work under someone else's mission and values?

+ Will my family support me in this?

+ How much time can I spend helping?

+ What level of support will I have with my community/church?


(From abolitionnow.com)

Ask Yourself Some Basic Questions

What do I have to offer?

+ I have some administrative skills.

+ I would love to contribute money on a regular basis.

+ I can play the guitar.

+ I have a degree in counseling.

+ I enjoy working from home.

+ I can talk on the phone, work from a computer.

+ I can help with fundraising events.


(Adapted from abolitionnow.com)